Partnership of Possibilities

Synergizing technologies. Together, we create synergies that redefine industry standards and pave the way for a future shaped by innovation, trust, and unparalleled collaboration. Discover the power of technological partnership, where smart minds converge to unlock new opportunities and propel to greater heights. The future is bright, and it's a partnership away.


AM Infoweb and Datagenix have partnered to transform Health and Benefits Payor solutions. Datagenix, established in 2000, specializes in creating modern and user-friendly software for Health Care and Benefits Management. The ClaimScape suite, designed for Third Party Administrators, IPAs, and health insurance companies, offers streamlined solutions, including medical claims processing and benefits administration. Datagenix's commitment to user-friendly interfaces enhances productivity. The partnership signifies a major advancement in providing modern, efficient, and user-friendly solutions for Health and Benefits Payors.


In a groundbreaking move, AM Infoweb has joined forces with Robocorp, the all-in-one platform revolutionizing the automation landscape. Robocorp offers a comprehensive solution for building and operating bots, scripts, and integrations at any scale – from one to unlimited. By combining the power of open-source technology with rapid advancements in AI, Robocorp ensures efficiency and innovation. This strategic partnership marks a significant leap forward in the world of automation, showcasing AM Infoweb's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Get ready for a new era of seamless and scalable automation solutions!

PCG Software

AM Infoweb has forged a strategic alliance with PCG Software to tackle the staggering financial losses caused by coding and billing errors in healthcare domain. Our AI Medical Coding and Claims Software, in tandem with PCG's forward-thinking solutions, aims to preempt the monetary setbacks experienced by payers, providers, and patients. PCG Software's cutting-edge AI, complemented by adept support teams, confronts this pervasive industry challenge, fostering stability for providers, payers, MSOs, IPAs, and Reseller partners. Together, we aspire to forge a brighter future for all stakeholders in healthcare, ensuring precision and efficacy in medical coding and claims processing.