Revenue Cycle Management

From start to flourish, 360° Revenue Cycle Management

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Expertise and Specialization

Our team of RCM professionals brings years of healthcare industry experience and expertise.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and goals of each healthcare provider.

Technology Driven Approach

We deliver excellence by leveraging technologies like automation and data analytics by improving efficiency and accuracy considerably.

Compliance and Security

Since we are a healthcare focused organization from beginning adherence to regulations and safeguarding patient information is in our DNA. We are a SOC 2 Type II, ISO-27001 certified, and a fully HIPAA compliant organization, committing to a 100% work-from-office policy, we maintain the highest degree of client information confidentiality and data security.

At AM Infoweb, we are committed to delivering EXCELLENCE in revenue cycle management solutions, meticulously crafted to align with the distinct requirements of each organization. Recognizing that every entity possesses unique objectives, we tailor our strategies accordingly. With a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges of the healthcare landscape, our dedicated team of RCM experts leverages industry-leading practices and cutting-edge technology to optimize your financial operations. From accurate coding and billing to proactive denial management and patient-centric collections, we empower healthcare organizations to maximize revenue, enhance efficiency, and ensure compliance while boosting over all patient experience.

Front-end Revenue Cycle

Patient Scheduling & Registration
The trained experts in AM Infoweb help systematically coordinate and organize patient appointments within a healthcare facility. This encompasses the entire process, from initial appointment scheduling to confirmation, rescheduling if necessary, and ensuring accurate recording of patient information.

Insurance Eligibility and Benefits Verification
This is the process of confirming a patient's insurance coverage and understanding the extent of their benefits to ensure accurate billing. It is crucial for healthcare providers to avoid claim denials, streamline reimbursement processes, and provide transparent financial information to patients.

Prior Authorization
Our team makes sure to obtain approval from an insurance provider before a patient receives specific medical services or consultations, ensuring coverage and preventing potential claim denials.

Patient Demographics
We make sure we collect and record essential information about a patient, such as personal details, contact information, and insurance data, to establish accurate records and facilitate seamless claims submission and error-free billing.

Healthcare Call Center
With flawless accent and communication, we deliver an extraordinary experience for your patients. We serve as a centralized communication hub, handling inquiries, appointment scheduling, and providing support to patients, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders to enhance overall operational efficiency.

Mid Revenue Cycle

Charge Entry and Charge Audit
Accurately recording and entering charges for the medical services provided, while Charge Audit is the process of reviewing and validating these entries to ensure compliance, accuracy, and optimal reimbursement.

Medical Coding Services
Our certified medical coders assign accurate codes to medical procedures, ensuring timely reimbursements and reducing claim denials.

Clinical Documentation Improvement
We assist in enhancing clinical documentation to strengthen precise coding, reduce claim denials, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements.

Revenue Integrity
We contribute to maintaining revenue integrity through consistent audits and assessments of billing processes and claims submissions.

Medical Coding Audit
Our team conducts medical coding audits to pinpoint and correct errors, ensuring prompt reimbursements and minimizing claim denials.

Back-end Revenue Cycle

Payment Posting and Reconciliation
Our data management team efficiently logs correspondences, processes charges, conducts audits, and directly posts EOBs and ERAs into your billing system. Additionally, we manage patient balance transfers and secondary billing according to your specific requirements.

Accounts Receivable Management and Collections
With over 15 years of experience, our team excels in managing accounts receivable, employing proven best practices to ensure timely follow-up and effective collections.

Denial and Appeals Management
We expertly manage rejected claims by comprehensively managing the appeals process, rectifying discrepancies, and resubmitting claims to maximize reimbursements and minimize revenue loss.

Underpayment Analysis and Recovery
Our team of specialists excels in identifying payment discrepancies, analyzing root causes, and implementing strategies to secure full and accurate reimbursement for healthcare services rendered.

Credit Balance
We administer credit balance accounts, ensuring timely and accurate refunds to foster positive relationships with patients and insurance providers.

Consultative Support

Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services
Our team handles provider enrollment and credentialing, ensuring strict compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating smooth reimbursement processes.

Revenue Cycle Process Automation
We identify automation opportunities in your operations, and our expert developers, well-versed in AI and revenue cycle management, help enhance operational efficiencies and provide valuable data analytics.

Customer Contact Center
Our extensively filtered associates, with specialized training in accents and cultural nuances, ensure a superior customer experience by handling inquiries, facilitating payment arrangements, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Innovative RCM Strategies helped Healthcare Provider to Exceed EBITDA Targets with AM Infoweb

The leadership team of a healthcare provider company, had a task at hand from their private equity investor to meet a specific EBITDA target within the next two quarters. The most effective....