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Our team is efficiently managing ROI operations for multiple Release of Information companies for quite a while now. Do we need process training? NO! We learn your system's navigation, and our experienced ROI specialist team manages the rest.


By achieving ISO-27001 & SOC 2, Type 2 accreditation and committing to a 100% work-from-office policy, we maintain the highest degree of client information confidentiality and data security.


We frequently hire & train new ROI specialists and keep them on the bench. This way, we can provide trained resources almost immediately for Data Entry, QA, or File Retrieval processes. So when the need arises, with this strategy, we can take over multiple accounts overnight.

AM Infoweb specializes in aiding and assisting companies that provide Release of Information (ROI) services to providers/healthcare facilities from across the US. We know that Releasing PHI is a critical activity that comes with immense responsibility requiring expert human capital having deep process understanding. We help ROI companies to scale up instantly, deliver better results, and grow profits by increasing operational capacity and optimizing costs.

We manage three main phases of the Release of Information process for ROI companies. Data Entry, Quality Assurance (Page by Page QA), & Contact Center Support. And here is a short description of each phase.

Data Entry

Once the request is received, data entry into our clients system is the first and a very important step to initiate the ROI process. It basically requires to enter information from the request into our clients portal that is typically used for three main purposes.

  1. Keeping the logs of each valid/invalid request.
  2. Calculating & sending out invoices.
  3. Releasing verified & accurate PHI.

In this process, the Data Entry resources thoroughly review each request and enter the necessary details into the respective fields of our clients system. At AM Infoweb, we hire experienced data entry professionals and train them on the standard ROI process requirements.

At AM Infoweb, we guarantee a 0% error rate. Our defined strategy to maintain & deliver a zero percent error rate is possible with a dedicated team of internal QA resources, who's daily job is to verify the information entered by data entry reps, do 100% quality check and immediately rectify any errors found on the very same day.

Examples of standard details to be entered:

  • Requestor Type: This field defines who the requestor is? Attorney, Insurance, Provider, DDS, or the Patient.
  • Delivery Method: This field defines how the requestor wants the PHI to be delivered, US postal, fax, email, pickup, etc.
  • Date range: The exact date range of requested records is entered in this field.
  • Requestor details: Name, address, contact details, etc.
  • Patient details: Patient name, address, contact details, etc.
  • Categories: This field defines the categories of PHI that has to be released such as billing, visit notes, radiology, diagnostic, films, etc.
  • Restrictions: There are a few patients who do not authorize to release psyche notes, drug history, or STD (sexually transmitted disease) information.

Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance is one of the most vital steps in the Release of Information process. Our internal QA team verifies the requests along with the released PHI to confirm whether the requested records are released appropriately within the requested scope, verify there are no duplicate or commingled records, ensure all the requirements of HIPAA are met. Once confirmed, the QA approves the final release and the PHI gets released immediately to the requesting parties.


Since this crucial step requires a skill set of reading & understanding medical records, someone who's equipped with medical knowledge can quickly deliver the most accurate results. And keeping this in mind, we only hire resources from medical background and provide them necessary training based on our client's requirements. These resources ensure full compliance and accuracy prior to the release of any PHI.

Contact Center Support

This is an inbound calls support model, where ROI companies hire requestor support specialists to further enhance their requestor experience. The resources answer calls from different requestors like law firms, insurance carriers, third party record retrieval companies, patients, etc, and handle various requestor queries from our office in India.

Queries such as:

  • Mode of submission
  • Records request
  • Payment queries
  • Status of requests
  • Mode of PHI delivery
  • Record amendments
  • Confirm request ID
  • Confirm address, fax, & emails
  • Verify receipt of requests
  • Assist in how to submit a request online or by fax
  • Return voicemails in a timely manner
  • Others

In terms of contact center support, we only hire professionals with minimum 2-3 years’ experience of a US based customer service process, who are then trained by our in-house trainer on the basic aspects of Release of Information.


We all know that NO Accountability in any business is a recipe for failure. AM Infoweb will be held accountable to provide mutually agreed productivity on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. We make sure your "Team India" achieves outstanding results and all targets of the set KPIs in place. We conduct weekly business review meetings to share progress reports and discuss upcoming changes in strategy with all our clients.

Operational Fires

By partnering with us, ROI companies no longer have to worry about putting out day to day operational fires, as we maintain daily activities such as timely login/log out, breaks, attendance, etc and make sure resources are adhering to all the office policies while maintaining the required productivity standards.

Data Security & Compliance

We remote desktop into your system by using the provided Username-Password to log-in and begin working remotely (via a secure point-to-point VPN connection). This way the data stays in the US and everything is HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant.

Reduce Cost & Boost Growth

When you partner up with AM Infoweb, your fixed overhead costs for things like talent acquisition, training, payroll, infrastructure, maintenance, unexpected attrition, are reduced by more than 50%. This cost-saving advantage can impact your business in a huge way. Our clients use these savings to reinvest in their business development efforts which in-turn helps them close more high-volume clients and achieve their ultimate business goals.

Talent Acquisition Advantage

Hiring the right kind of talent plays a big role in the success of any organization. When trying to scale up ROI operations, talent acquisition is a huge cost to consider, but when working with AM Infoweb our clients spend zero dollars & don't have to deal with the burden of searching & hiring the right people for the job. Our team of excellent HR professionals does all the heavy lifting of screening applicants, putting them through extensive tests, conducting multiple interview rounds, maintaining scores, until concluding on the best of applicants, and finalizing the on-boarding formalities.

Offshore Time Difference Advantage

The non-voice resources you hire with us for Data Entry or Quality Control, work US night hours as its day time here in India, so any request received today typically gets entered the very same day. This way, our clients not only save time but also save even more costs as we use the same office infrastructure that is used by the real time working voice teams during the day in the US (nights in India). However, ROI companies can choose to pay a little extra and have the non-voice resources work during the day in the US.

We understand that offshoring your operations is a big business decision to make, especially when you've never tried this route before. To start with, let's schedule to speak and see how we may be of help to your business. Please feel free to email us at or you can also call our team at (347) 535-3108.