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Retrieving records can be a challenging task, draining your human resources, time and money. What if you could increase your output while optimizing your resource utilization and increasing your profit? AM Infoweb offers reliable, efficient, and cost-effective retrieval support services to records retrieval companies.

We aid and assist records retrieval companies with their retrieval assignments. Our in-depth expertise in the medical domain enables us to easily handle any records retrieval assignment, irrespective of its volume, reducing your operation cost and increasing your efficiency and revenue exponentially.

Why Choose Us?

Our records retrieval expertise, capital commitment, and industry knowledge and insights make us the ideal partner for your growth.

With ISO/IEC 27001:2013, we maintain the highest degree of client information confidentiality and data security.

Flawless accent and communication coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure designed for efficient records retrieval makes us easy to work with and helps us deliver the results that you desire without any hassles.

Over the years we have put processes in place which ensure quicker records retrieval without compromising on its authenticity and accuracy. We work as an extension of your records retrieval company and allow you to scale your team instantly as per your requirement. Our dedicated office spaces, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, host qualified and experienced retrieval professionals, allowing us to skilfully deploy appropriate experts to meet your needs of records retrieval.

With years of relevant support experience in providing flawless retrieval support within strict timelines, to records retrieval companies all over the world, we are the perfect choice to outsource your retrieval tasks.

Think Records Retrieval, Think AM Infoweb!

  • At AM Infoweb, we provide top-notch records retrieval support services in the most cost-effective, secure, technology-driven, transparent and ethical manner, while maintaining minimum TAT.

  • We improve flexibility by working as an extension of your company, improving operational efficiency, while cutting down costs dramatically. Our ability to balance quality and cost is unmatched in the industry.

Get the AM Infoweb Advantage!

As a records retrieval company your primary aim is to meet the requirements of your clients in the shortest possible time, without compromising on the quality and accuracy while minimizing operational cost.

With AM Infoweb by your side, you can increase your retrieval efficiency by leaps and bounds, thereby making your clients happier and you only spend a small fraction of the money that you usually spend on the retrieval process.

Sounds unbelievable? Well that’s the AM Infoweb Advantage!

We assure 100 percent accurate records, while meeting strict deadlines. Also our commitment towards data security and confidentiality ensures that the records are completely safe and secure.

Bank on us to retrieve records on your behalf and direct your energy and resources to grow your business and acquire new clients!

Frequently Asked Questions

AM Infoweb caters only to Record Retrieval/ROI companies, these companies could have Insurance companies, Law firms, or Medical Providers as their clients. AM Infoweb has the experience in retrieving records on behalf of all the above domains.

We are HIPAA compliant and ISO-27001 certified which specifically deals in information security management, we have regular audits taking place to see if we are meeting compliance. We are SOC 2 Type II certified. On-premises we follow a No Phone and No Paper policy and strict biometric login entry to ensure the physical aspect of security, also 24/7 CCTV is monitored throughout our operations floor, our work environment is highly secure, all work systems have the USB slot disabled so no data can be transmitted into any storage devices.

Yes, we do. We have a commercial general liability on an “occurrence basis” with a limit of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) & also, cyber liability insurance on an “occurrence basis” with a limit of not less than One Million Dollars ($1,000,000).

Medical Record Retrieval firms partner with AM Infoweb to have a secondary operations unit, where we provide trained resources with experience in Records Retrieval. They act as an extended arm of our client’s onshore team. The resources are on AM Infoweb’s payroll, we provide them with Infrastructure and the facilities, but they work on behalf of retrieval companies we partner with. Having an offshore unit also helps save huge operational costs which can be re-invested in business development or could be passed on as benefit to your existing & new customers.

AM Infoweb operations are located at our headquarters in Pune India, with a satellite office in New York, as AM Global Group, LLC.

We perform all stages of Retrieval Operations listed below, including editing documents, sending out emails/faxes to facilities.
• Order Entry.
• Creating & Sending Out Serves/Packets.
• Making Research Calls/Google Search.
• Raising Initial Requests.
• Making First Calls.
• Making Follow-up Calls.
• Paying Custodian Fees.
• Receiving Digital Records/Production.
• Organizing/Sorting Records.

Apart from Medical records, AM Infoweb Retrieval specialists are experienced in retrieving Billing records, Employment records, Educational records, Criminal Records and any other form of records.

AM Infoweb strongly believes in ethics and gives client privacy utmost priority. Each client’s team is allocated separate working space with glass partitions separating their teams from the rest of the floor. Measures are taken to Restrict access of the resources from sensitive information.

Step 1. Pilot batch planning: Depending on your volume and the requirement, we’d mutually decide on a number of resources that should be allocated to your company.
Step 2. We get our IT teams together and we remote desktop into your system by using the provided Username-Password to log-in and begin working remotely (via a secure point-to-point VPN connection). This way the data stays in the US and everything is HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant.
Step 3. Training: Workflow training as per client’s software and existing process. The Pilot group is trained by the onshore trainer remotely via Virtual Training Platforms (Like GoToMeeting, Etc.), which also acts as a Train The Trainer Program, post which all future trainings are done internally by the designated AMi Trainer.
Step 4. Operations Knowledge Transfer: Understand the KPI's. Every client follows a unique strategy to produce better outcomes. Some clients concentrate on minimum ‘X’ number of closure percentage every month and some focus on touching every request as frequently as possible to get better rotation. At this stage, our ops team would understand the strategy and set up KPI's for the India team accordingly.
Step 5. On Job Training / Nesting: At this stage, the pilot batch is launched, and team India starts working on your orders. It is now time to observe their performance for the next few weeks.
Step 6. Pilot Evaluation: At this stage, a thorough evaluation of the Pilot is done based on our productivity and overall performance. The client would then proceed with signing a long-term agreement and adding more team members as in when required.

We work on a monthly retainer model and charge a fixed fee per employee per month. To inquire about more details, please reach out to our sales team at 347-535-3108.

Our main value addition is Trained Record Retrieval Professionals and Turnkey infrastructure. Since we work with multiple record retrieval companies we are familiar with most of the challenges that our partners generally face.
There is one specific challenge where we add the most value is when our client wins an RFP. As we all know once a Retrieval firm onboards an Insurance firm, a large Law firm or any other similar high volume client, the workload increases drastically which in turn is difficult for the onshore teams to cope up with overnight. In this case, AM Infoweb’s strategy of having trained professionals on the bench comes in handy as they can pick up the additional volume and can ease the clients workflow.

This completely depends on various aspects like client type, records type, domain type etc., but usually, our goal is to get 80% of the request closed within 30 days’ time.

AM Infoweb can handle payments to the medical facilities or the custodians in a few different ways:
A. Through a payment module which is usually built into client’s retrieval software, which generates a one-time use credit card that is automatically discarded after the custodian payment is made.
B. The client can provide their credit card access to the assigned Team Lead (at AM Infoweb) to process the payment. We reconcile all the payments and share with you a detailed statement on a weekly basis, or it can be done on a daily basis as well.
C. The client can provide a monthly advance payment to AM Infoweb for maybe 2 to 5 thousand dollars initially, and we would process the payment on behalf of the client to the custodians. And yes, we share the detailed statement on a daily or weekly basis. When we come closer to emptying your advance with us, we raise an invoice for another round of advance payment to AM Infoweb.

The resources follow US time zones, based on the client’s preference and on-shore location, the resources work in EST, CST or PST hours. The resources also follow the same calendar followed by the on-shore team and also take public holidays according to it.

No, AM Infoweb does not provide their own retrieval software. Usually AM Infoweb’s clients provide access to their Retrieval software which could be a third party software or their own proprietary software. If a client does not have a retrieval software, in that case AM Infoweb would utilize MR8.

AM Infoweb provides support for Release of Information (ROI) with experienced resources for Data entry, Indexing/ E-filing and the Quality check processes on a retainer model.
AM Infoweb also provides support with Medical Records Review & Summarization , Records Sorting through AM Infoweb’s proprietary sorting software to sort records chronologically, bookmarking and hyperlinking. AM Infoweb has a staff of Doctors, Medical nurses and resources from various Medical backgrounds who have the necessary qualification and experience to understand medical terminologies, sort chronologically, spot patterns, verify inconsistencies and summarise the medical records. We specialize in Medical Records Review for Personal Injury, Workers Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Mass Torts, Social Security Disability, Class Action Lawsuits etc.

Lower Operation Cost. Higher Profit Margin!

If you are a company providing records retrieval services to healthcare organizations, attorneys, insurance companies, among others, we are the ideal outsourcing partner for you. Reach out to us today and experience lower operation cost, higher profit margin, and of course happier clients!

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