Record Retrieval Support

Modernizing Records:
Empowering Your Workflow, Enhacing Outcomes



Our records retrieval expertise, capital commitment, and industry knowledge and insights make us the ideal partner for your growth.


By achieving ISO-27001 & SOC 2, Type 2 accreditation and committing to a 100% work-from-office policy, we maintain the highest degree of client information confidentiality and data security.


Flawless accent and communication coupled with state-of-the-art infrastructure designed for efficient records retrieval makes us easy to work with and helps us deliver the results that you desire without any hassles.

Retrieving records can be a challenging task, draining your human resources, time and money. What if you could increase your output while optimizing your resource utilization and increasing your profit? AM Infoweb offers reliable, efficient, and cost-effective retrieval support services to records retrieval companies.

We aid and assist records retrieval companies with their retrieval assignments. Our in-depth expertise in the medical domain enables us to easily handle any records retrieval assignment, irrespective of its volume, reducing your operation cost and increasing your efficiency and revenue exponentially.

Initial Step


Research as we know is one of most important initial step while sending out requests. And since we work with multiple retrieval clients and help retrieve more than a million requests, we know for a fact that it is very crucial to deliver requests to the right location in our first attempt, it not only ensures correct delivery of a request, but also helps in reducing the overall turnaround time.

The Research Team does a pre check up on the information provided by the attorney for retrieval of records by validating the facility information like Address, Phone Number, Email address to ensure that the request is delivered to the correct location per facility policy.

Additionally, to make research quicker & easier for our agents, we started accumulating data for each provider, data such as facility name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, custodian name, their preferred mode of receiving requests, direct lines to various departments etc. Every facility that we touch for the first time becomes a part of this frequently updated data set.

Order Entry

We are aware that the custodians handle hundreds if not thousands of requests on daily basis and by providing crisp and clear instructions on our request packet puts the custodians at ease which in turn reduces the back and forth with the request.

At this stage, we ensure to enter all the request data along with authorization in the client’s proprietary application. We also follow specific instructions that every provider has in terms of receiving request packets. Once the packets are updated, they are then forwarded to the provider through their desired mode of acceptance.

Subpoena Prep

We have experience in dealing with both Subpoena Ad Testificandum and Subpoena Duces Tecum. Our professionals are trained to handle various Subpoena Sub-Processes like:

  • Order Validation
  • Research
  • Building Serve Packets
  • Serve, Reserves, Resends and Editing Request
  • Handling Subpoena Rejections, Objections, and Cancellations
  • Building Subpoena requests along with Authorization including Drafting
  • QC Checks

Drafting of Notice to Consumer (NTC), Proof of Service (POS) and Subpoena specific to provider and as per state specific statutes and based on the type of Records Requested for both Arbitration, Domestication and Civil Cases.

Delivering Subpoenas

This generally depends on the providers preference, they mostly prefer to be hand-served or served using certified mail, in which our team creates serve packets & uploads them to our clients' system for the onshore team to take it further. However, we have seen that the frequency of accepting subpoenas via secure email & fax has also increased, hence, we always check the providers preference, if they agree, we directly serve them via secure email or fax as well.

Follow Up Calls

It is this piece of retrieval operations, where clients make the most out of our HIM offshoring services. Making timely follow up calls is the largest chunk of AM Infoweb’s business operations. Most of our staff is allocated to just making follow up calls for our retrieval clients.

Asking the right questions can make a world of difference, not only it reduces the turnaround time but also helps in creating a bond for further requests with the custodian. At this stage, we validate the receipt of request and the date it was received. We confirm the turnaround time and check if the facility is associated with any Copy Service for future follow ups.

Every information we receive is posted in the retrieval company’s proprietary software as “forward progression notes” which usually is visible to law firms or insurance companies directly. We believe in having a very friendly yet firm approach with custodians and express a sense of urgency with every follow up.

Custodian Payments

Payments can be tricky! There are several elements that one needs to be aware of while carrying out a successful payment transaction with the facility or a copy service.

Our associates are trained in examining every element of an Invoice such as, page count, date of service, invoice amount etc. We validate & negotiate the charges of each invoice in accordance with the state statutes, postage, etc.

When it comes to paying invoices, we understand that it takes time for a physical cheque to arrive at the facility and can potentially create a further delay in the release of records, hence, we try our best to make each payment online or over the phone using a credit or a debit card. If at all a provider insists on sending them a physical cheque, we raise the request for the onshore team to send it out from their end.


Imagine handling multiple documents anything from prepayments, rejections, cost approvals, facility specific authorizations, invoices, medical records etc. These documents can be received via mail, fax, electronic fax, email and sorting these into specific categories can be time consuming and overwhelming.

Our production team has years of experience in handling such in coming paperwork by identifying and systematically sorting documents in client proprietary software in a specific location along with uploading these documents to the specific packet ID which then can be reviewed and processed by the other departments like the Billing/Payment teams, or by an Account Manager for further proofing post which it will be released to the end client.

Medical Record Review & Summarization Services

Modernizing Records:
Empowering Your Workflow, Enhacing Outcomes.

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We provide top-notch flawless review and summarization services. Our in-house team of experienced and qualified medical professionals ensure relevant and accurate summaries.


By achieving ISO-27001 & SOC 2, Type 2 accreditation and committing to a 100% work-from-office policy, we maintain the highest degree of client information confidentiality and data security.

Quick TAT

We quickly turn the deliveries around. We operate by streamlined review and summarization procedures using advanced technology which is highly efficient.


Our review and summarization processes are customized to each client's needs and thus provide desired results more quickly and consistently.

High Accuracy

Our multi-level quality assurance processes guarantee flawless summaries. Get precise and reliable medical summaries at your fingertips.

Medical Record Review & Summarization Services

Medical record review and summarization streamlines healthcare processes by categorizing repetitive information and delivering legally validated reports. Am Infoweb offers top-notch services at competiive rates,benifiting healthcare facilities,law firms and insurance organization worldwide.

Our expert team tailors narrative summaries to your specifications, capturing all crucial case details efficiently Delegate your review and summarization needs to us for cost-effective,secure and ethical solutions with minimal turn arround time. We operate as an extention of your team, enabling scalable operations and significant cost deductions.

Get the AM Infoweb Advantage!

As Medical Record Review and Summarization services provider your primary aim is to meet the requirements of your clients in the shortest possible time, without compromising on thequality and accuracy while minimizing operational cost.

By reducing the resources spent on review and summarization, we save money and time. It helps you to concetrate on the more important activities lead to faster growth of your company. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals are experts in collecting, interpreting and summing up critical information. Plus, our commitment towords data security and confidentiality ensures that the summaries are completely safe and secure


We all know that NO Accountability in any business is a recipe for failure. AM Infoweb will be held accountable to provide mutually agreed productivity on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. We make sure your "Team India" achieves outstanding results and all targets of the set KPIs in place. We conduct weekly business review meetings to share progress reports and discuss upcoming changes in strategy with all our clients.

Operational Fires

By partnering with us, ROI companies no longer have to worry about putting out day to day operational fires, as we maintain daily activities such as timely login/log out, breaks, attendance, etc and make sure resources are adhering to all the office policies while maintaining the required productivity standards.

Data Security & Compliance

We remote desktop into your system by using the provided Username-Password to log-in and begin working remotely (via a secure point-to-point VPN connection). This way the data stays in the US and everything is HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant.

Reduce Cost & Boost Growth

When you partner up with AM Infoweb, your fixed overhead costs for things like talent acquisition, training, payroll, infrastructure, maintenance, unexpected attrition, are reduced by more than 50%. This cost-saving advantage can impact your business in a huge way. Our clients use these savings to reinvest in their business development efforts which in-turn helps them close more high-volume clients and achieve their ultimate business goals.

Talent Acquisition Advantage

Hiring the right kind of talent plays a big role in the success of any organization. When trying to scale up ROI operations, talent acquisition is a huge cost to consider, but when working with AM Infoweb our clients spend zero dollars & don't have to deal with the burden of searching & hiring the right people for the job. Our team of excellent HR professionals does all the heavy lifting of screening applicants, putting them through extensive tests, conducting multiple interview rounds, maintaining scores, until concluding on the best of applicants, and finalizing the on-boarding formalities.

Offshore Time Difference Advantage

The non-voice resources you hire with us for Data Entry or Quality Control, work US night hours as its day time here in India, so any request received today typically gets entered the very same day. This way, our clients not only save time but also save even more costs as we use the same office infrastructure that is used by the real time working voice teams during the day in the US (nights in India). However, ROI companies can choose to pay a little extra and have the non-voice resources work during the day in the US.