Ali Merchant

Founder & CEO

Ali Merchant is not just a regular entrepreneur; he is a PassionPreneur who's niche lies in Business Process Management where he assists organizations in achieving Operational excellence through a perfect blend of right people, technology, critical insights and industry best practices in the endeavor to fulfil his purpose of making insurance, healthcare and legal aid affordable for everyone.

His active dedication to social responsibility is exemplified through his establishment of the AM Infoweb Foundation. This foundation is committed to making a difference in economically disadvantaged communities, and its impact has been felt by numerous families across the globe.

Ashfak Pirvani

Partner & COO

He is the core of our company, representing what we stand for. With his expertise and visionary mindset, he leads with skill and exceptional leadership, making sure our clients are extremely happy with personalized care. His smart decision-making pushes us forward, motivating the whole team with an inspiring work ethic.

Anubhav Mohanty VP, Operations
Ajam Shaikh VP, People Affairs
Imtiyaz Malek VP, Finance
Mayuresh Rashinkar Director of Operations
Amin Shaikh Head, Information Security
Prithvi Bulchandani Head, Partner Success
Anurag Singh Head, Information Technology
Irfan Zahoor Head, Marketing
Varun Panikar Service Delivery Head
Percy Rodrigues Service Delivery Head