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Our in-depth experience in the healthcare and legal domain, combined with comprehensive systems and innovative workflow technologies and strong ethics makes us the perfect Health Information Management Outsourcing partner.

We Believe in Relations, Business Follows.

Focused on integrated end-to-end outsourcing, we provide all our clients with revolutionary benefits through right-sourcing driven cost reduction, automation led productivity improvements, and insights led process re-engineering.

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With a world-class team of highly trained medico-legal professionals, we at AM Infoweb address all the problems of our clients while supporting their overall business operations. We help our clients to minimize operational and capital costs, recover investments quickly with high ROI, boost end-customer satisfaction, and increase productivity by leveraging the staff, processes, and technology, making us one of the most sought after outsourcing partner around the globe.


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We aid and assist companies which work for Insurance providers and carriers with their medico-legal work. Our in-depth expertise in the medical-legal domain enables us to easily handle any assignment, irrespective of its volume, reducing your operation cost and increasing your efficiency and revenue exponentially.

We partner with companies which work for healthcare facilities, and efficiently perform process and medico-legal assignments delegated to us. By collaborating with us, you experience a significant reduction in your operation cost and time, and a dramatic increase in your revenue generation.

We help companies which work for law firms and attorneys scale their operations and improve their profit margins by providing end-to-end Health Information Management Outsourcing solutions. You can count on us to deliver results, while you can use your time and resources to acquire new clients.

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