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The term telemarketing mainly refers to the marketing of goods and services via the telephone. It is the act of selling or promoting a product or service to a potential customer through the phone. The agents who work in these sort of BPOs are trained with the art of conversational skills that are solely responsible for the increase of sales, promote the sale of new products, and also help keep the customer up to date with the latest services that the company offers. Telemarketing can be divided into two main divisions mainly outbound sales and inbound sales.

We at AM Infoweb have a very competent team of agents who are very well trained in the art of closing a sale and have an excellent grasp on the English language that can be a major advantage when it comes to trying to sell a product.

Why Are We The Best?

We have the most professional and well-trained team of employees that can help you with all the needs of your company.

We are proud to say that our customers do not have much of a wait to hear from us as we promptly respond to any client request or Inquiry within 24 hours of them reaching out to us.

We have the best in class turnaround time and we work very well under pressure and can meet any deadline that we are given.

Outbound telemarketing

In this type of telemarketing the agent will call the customer with information about new products or services that they have to offer, they help the customer with the different types of services and products that they think will be of interest to the customer, they periodically call customers that have purchased a product or a service in the past to find out if they were interested in repeating the purchase or trying a new product.

 Inbound Telemarketing

In this case, the client calls the call center for information about a particular product, and it is the job of call center agent to be able to provide the customer with the information that they need and also close the deal with them. This is also the time that the agent can promote other related or add-on products that the customers may be interested in.

Benefits of Outsourcing Telemarketing

The main benefit of outsourcing the telemarketing process of the company is that it can be done at a lower cost than trying to build the team in house while still being able to market your product and increase the revenue of your company. You get agents that are highly trained and who are able to promote your product well and make sure that they make the sale most of the time.

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Telemarketing outsourcing is one of our core competencies at AM Infoweb, we have a huge client directory that we can help promote your products to
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