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Managed Operations

Starting an offshore branch of your company is not always the easiest process; there can be many risks that can be associated with this and the progress of your company will solely depend on the decisions that you and your team make during this crucial point of the company’s life. Traditionally there were two main options to consider to be able to take advantage of the various benefits that your company will avail offshore, namely, outsourcing your work to a third party or starting your own company in the offshore location. However, both of these options have their own merits and demerits. We at AM Infoweb have come up with a unique way to integrate the benefits of these two options into one.

First, let us learn a little more about these traditional methods

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What is Managed Operations?

This is an alternate type of outsourcing practice that is carried out on a proactive basis of managing responsibilities and functions which helps to improve operations and cut expenses strategically. The service provider performs all of the on-demand services and the customer has to only pay for the services that are provided. In this model, the client is the owner or has a direct oversight of the organization while AmInfoweb provides the service that is needed. A contractual, service-level agreement binds the client and the MSP which states the quality metrics and performance of their relationship.

AmInfoweb is someone who assumes and manages all the responsibilities of providing their client with a defined set of services proactively or as they decide is needed.

Benefits of Choosing the Managed Operations Delivery Model

  • This will be a quick and easy answer to your needs
  • There is no investment from you
  • We knows the offshore location
  • Full managerial control is maintained by you
  • This will not cause any displeasure amongst your clients and employees
  • The cost you pay is considerably low

If you choose to work with us we will work together as a team to work towards one common goal that is to make your company a success in our offshore location. We believe that relationships are very important for any business and hence we provide you with a strong relationship structure so that we are able to manage you operational and strategic needs, we also aim to deliver very high-quality outcomes.

We will employ the whole team that you will need for your offshore operation and support you by providing you with all of the assets that you would need to help your company be a major success. As partners, we will work together on a day-to-day basis. You can either take full control of the operation by sending your own expats or managers that you have hired locally or can also use the talented managers that we already have in our company. Whatever choice you decide to use you can rest assured that you will have a 360-degree view of the operation and retain complete control over your company’s growth.

History of Managed Operations

The concept of managed operations came to being around the 1990s along with the emergence of application service providers (ASPs) that helped make way for the remote monitoring of IT infrastructure. The initial focus was to remotely monitor and manage the servers and networks but has grown to include the management of managed security, remote firewall administration and security as a service, mobile data management and managed print services. Since then there has been an increase in the number of books that have been published about this service and hence has added to the popularity of this choice. In the current economy, more and more companies are providing customized managed service options.

Ownership and Control Options

We believe that this is the best way to get into one of our offshore locations, we offer you services in which you will neither need to make a substantial investment nor give us a long term commitment. As your operation starts to thrive at our location we help you take more control and help you harness the growth potential of the said operation. When you choose us as your partner here are the ownership benefits that you get

AmInfoweb cycle

We will help you at every step of the way through your journey from being a start-up to a full blown operation.

Operations Management Options

Our managed operations model of delivery has one major difference from the traditional methods of outsourcing as the management of the operation will be a joint effort between your company and AM Infoweb. The operation can be customized according to the amount of control you would like over the operation. The clients that have larger teams or those that have work that is highly sensitive prefer to have more control over their operations and prefer to have their own expats who work with us at our location and the day to day needs of these expats are taken care of by our client service team. However, those companies that have smaller teams that do not do very difficult work prefer using our managers to take care of their operation. Whatever your need we will be able to customize the service for you.

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Outsourcing Managed Operations In India

No investment from you. You'll have flexible ownership options when Outsourcing Managed Operations with AM Infoweb. Your need we will be customized.
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