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Medical Records Review

When the medical records are gotten from the healthcare providers they can be very comprehensive and also contain some information that the insurance company or the law firm may not need. Along with the medical record retrieval, we at AM Infoweb help to provide a concise review of the medical records. Most lawyers and insurance agents do not have the time to go through all the records in detail and thus this service is very beneficial to the various companies. We play a major role by providing a Medical Record Summary of the records that can be used for a quick analysis and call-to-action without compromising the HIPAA Compliance. This helps to give you and your law firm or insurance agent a quick glance at the records without the risk of missing out on important information about the person’s medical profile.

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Medical Record Review for Lawsuits

In most of the medical lawsuit cases that have been filed against manufacturers of dangerous drugs and devices, the lawyers of the plaintiff as well as those of the defendant will need to go through a number of different case reviews that is an essential step before a case goes to trail so that the respective attorneys are able to fully understand the case. The review of the medical records helps these attorneys find the strength and the weakness of each case so that they are able to work more efficiently. The records can be customized as per the client’s needs, this saves much of the patient and their attorney’s time.

Things to Pay Attention to When a Medical Record Review Is Made For Insurance Purposes

Most insurance agencies need to review the patients’ medical records before the patient is able to claim the medical bill amount from the insurance company. There a few things that are very essential and that the medical reviewer has to pay attention to while making these reviews. The previous medication, problems or medical condition that the patient had can be a cause for the insurance agencies not paying out the amount. They also need to look for reports from physicians that may not coincide with the evidence of the case. It is also important that the medical reviewer checks if there is any information that is not included in the case file that may later be proved to be important.

Importance of Medical Records Review for the Healthcare Provider

Medical records reviews are the portal through which the doctors and other healthcare providers are able to step into the previous history of the patient and find out their symptoms that the patient is showing or has shown in the past. They are also able to learn about the diseases and the medications for those diseases that the patient has taken. Along with that, the healthcare providers can also learn if the patient is currently under any treatment that would affect the one that they have in mind for the patient. Patients do not always provide the doctor with the correct information about their medical past with the help of medical records review the doctors can learn the entire history of the individual.

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Medical Records Review Services

We help you get a customized and spot-on review of your medical records so that you do not need to go through all the data that is retrieved to find the information that you need.
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