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Medical Records Retrieval

Every year there are masses of individuals who need to go to the doctors for some disease or the other or even just if they need a general check-up. All of this data is saved by the respective healthcare providers and doctors but it is very difficult for these doctors and healthcare providers to share the data between them in cases where the patient has to go to another clinic for a second opinion or if they have changed their resident city. In cases like these, the patient themselves or a member of their family will have to apply for their medical records to be retrieved from patients, hospitals, medical centers, or doctors. These patients may not have the proper system that has to be approached or even the time that is needed for this activity. We at AM Infoweb understand these needs of the clients and thus provide them with Medical Records Retrieval Services.

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History of Medical Records Retrieval Services

In 1996, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed. This act ensured that there was access to patient’s records. You were allowed to request a copy of your medical records at any time from the healthcare provider, and these records had to be provided within 30 days. Some healthcare providers may have a nominal charge for the retrieval of these medical records.

There are also other cases in which an individual needs to gain access to another person’s records for insurance or legal purposes such as

  • Reviewing benefits coverage and payments.
  • In case of a medical lawsuit
  • During the settlement of a deceased person’s estate

Process of Medical Records Retrieval

The process of Medical Records Retrieval may seem as straightforward as just making a simple written request to your doctor in the form of a medical records request, those people who have a very complicated medical history and have had to be treated by multiple healthcare facilities may not find this as simple. The process of accessing medical records from multiple facilities may include the signing of a release form that allows them to process and gather all of your medical records and then make it accessible to you either online or by sending paper copies via mail or send you a CD that has the images of the records. Each healthcare facility that you contact will charge their own fee and you will also have to pay separate for the paper copies and the diagnostic images, all this in addition to the charge for retrieval of medical records.

Why choose to outsource these services

In order to save time, most healthcare providers use a third party service provider to help respond to their patients as well as any other requests for medical records from any other sources. Medical record retrieval companies can help process and verify the medical record request forms and they are able to copy the records at the healthcare provider in such a way that meet the terms of HIPAA.

While it can be done by individuals themselves it is beneficial to choose a Medical Records Retrieval Services provider as they will be familiar with the retrieval process and they will be able to get the required records faster and more efficiently.

Many different organizations, such as insurance companies, medical device companies, regulatory companies like the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), pharmaceutical companies, self-insured individuals and law firms, also use a third party service provider for the retrieval of medical records.

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Medical Records Retrieval Services

Medical records retrieval is an important step for anyone who has to file a medical lawsuit or if they are to change locations with the help of our services, you can do this efficiently.
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