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Inbound and Outbound BPO Services

A call center can act as a hub of all outsourcing service. It can either take calls from the customers, i.e., they can be inbound, or they can make calls to the customers for various purposes such as the promotion of products or services. We provide both inbound and outbound BPO services that can help the client grow their company and focus on what really matters, like growing the business, rather than focusing on things that we can competently take care of. Our call centers take care of various kinds of major outsourcing services as described below.

Why Are We The Best?

We have professional and well trained team that can efficiently provide you with any reports that you need in a well organised and in a manner that is easy to understand.

We can proudly say that we do not make our customers wait. We are able to respond to our clients requests or inquiries within 24 hours of them reaching out to us.

Our turn around time is the best in class. We work very well under pressure and can complete the process off retrieving your records in a timely manner.

Inbound BPO services

Inbound BPO’s are those in which the customer calls us, these are mainly for customer support and are not used for the promotion of any sort of services.

Customer service: as the name suggests the sole purpose of these call centers are for the service of the customers they are the life-force of the company and it is important that their needs be well taken care of. This service is mainly to make sure that any needs of the customer are properly taken care of before or after the purchase of a product or a service. These sort of BPOs are necessary for customer satisfaction and to maintain a good relationship with the customer so that they can buy more products or services from the company. Our call center staff are well trained and can help the customer deal with problems such as malfunction of the product or lodge a complaint, these call centers can immediately identify the problem and provide the customers a solution to their problem. When you have good customer service you will have good customers that will ultimately result in the overall profit of the company.

Help Desk: This is another type of inbound BPO service that is provided by our company, these agents help the customers if they need any sort of assistance, the guide the customers mainly on the use of the various products, they help with troubleshooting and providing solutions to the customers problems related to computers and solve other IT-related problems. Help Desks have a wide array of functions that they are needed to carry out effectively. They are responsible for providing vital information to the customer on computer related topics and other queries. They do not provide the customer with a technical answer but are mainly able to assess the problem and provide the required solution. Help desks go a long way in the process of making the customers happy and this is one of the major goals of most companies as happy customers result in repeat customers.

Technical Troubleshooting: this is the technical support that is provided to the customer over the phone for any IT related problems that they may face. Most technical support BPOs have grown to include a little bit of telemarketing in their calls the are responsible for selling pre- and post-sales technical support, support related to the product, technical applications and support, product support, on-site tech support, remote IT support and remote IT infrastructure management support. The main goal of this kind of BPO is to b available to their customers 24×7. Thus, being able to provide this kind of support to the customer can significantly increase the value of your business.

Order taking: aside from all the BPOs that provide the customer support this kind of call center helps the customer to directly place the order for any product or service with them. These agents are trained so that they can efficiently process the order of the customer and also be able to answer any questions and provide any information that the customer may need. Having a call center for the taking of orders can significantly increase the amount of sales of the company. Offshore BPOs can help with the taking of the order as well as shipping information which can help smoothen out the process of sales and increase the profit of the company.

Outbound services

These types of call centers generally make calls to the customer for various reasons such as the promotion of the product, generation of leads and survey the customers. These are all different centers that have different job profiles and help the company achieve major growth in a short period of time.

Telemarketing: this term mainly refers to the marketing of goods and services via the telephone. It is the act of selling or promoting a product or service to a potential customer through the phone. The agents who work in these sort of BPOs are trained with the art of conversational skills that are solely responsible for the increase of sales, promote the sale of new products and also help keep the customer up to date with the latest services that the company offers.

Lead generation: this is a new way of gaining new customers and generating more business for the company. This is the gathering of information of customers and customer profiles and creates an interest in the company and the work that they do. This can be carried out in various ways such as online lead generation, telemarketing, direct mail, etc. This service can be used by any company and is needed for the growth of the company.

Surveys: BPOs carry out various surveys that can help the company receive information from the customers. These are mainly aimed at the percentage of customer satisfaction that the company has been able to achieve. The companies that choose to have these kinds of BPOs have a major advantage as they are able to evaluate these surveys and find out where they are lacking and are able to make the required changes that can help them provide better service to the customer. The survey can also help the companies find out whether or not they are reaching enough of people or if they need to improve their marketing and advertising strategy.

Debt Collection: this is the kind of center that is focused on ensuring the payments of debts that an individual or a company has to pay. The companies that need these kinds of services are mainly companies that provide mortgages, financial markets, and insurances. The outsourcing of this service can help companies save a lot of time and money. Agents who work in these kinds of call centers are extensively trained so that they are able to convince the customer to pay back their debt in the right manner rather than through unfair means.

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Inbound and Outbound BPO Services

We manage entire outsourcing operational chain from conceptualizing, researching, analyzing, managing and developing the technology for various processes to establishing high-quality BPO delivery mechanism.
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