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Why Are We The Best?

We have professional and well trained team that can efficiently provide you with any reports that you need in a well organised and in a manner that is easy to understand.

We can proudly say that we do not make our customers wait. We are able to respond to our clients requests or inquiries within 24 hours of them reaching out to us.

Our turn around time is the best in class. We work very well under pressure and can complete the process off retrieving your records in a timely manner.

Pre- and Post-transfer Services

During the first phase of the operation the services that we provide are the same as those described in the Virtual Captives Model; meaning that your whole offshore operation will be run wholly within our company, we will provide you with everything that you will require such as the assets, resources, and the support services and you will retain complete control over the operation.

The transfer, however, is something that needs a lot of planning and this has to start months before the actual transition date that you desire. Your company will have to start working on the establishment of your corporate entity along with setting up of the legal framework in which the subsidiary and the parent company will work together. The legal and accounting teams will need to work together to get the corporate entity along with all of the licenses and permits that will be needed to start its operation.

After the completion of the transfer, you can still choose to use our services and assets which will allow your new subsidiary the time that it will need to build up its own capabilities.

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The amount of risk that your company is taking will be considerably lower when you choose the Build–Operate–Transfer delivery model as compared to setting up your own offshore operation right from the get go.

The transition phase is carried out within the span of a couple of months that allows for the controlled transition that can make the execution of the transition much easier when compared to direct incorporation of the new management.

We have years of experience in field and we are happy to share with you and you can learn from us during the Build–Operate–Transfer arrangement and you can use this knowledge to make the transfer more effective.

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AM Infoweb will help by allowing you to opt for our various services even after the transition is complete. This can help you execute the transition gradually and maintain focus on the core production processes of the offshore operation before going into the overhead and support processes.
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