First Choice for Third-Party Record Retrieval Outsourcing

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Story By : AM Infoweb

Meta: With deep knowledge regarding the health industry and rich experience in retrieving medical records, AM Infoweb is the ideal partner to scale and grow your business.

Today, Record Retrieval and especially Medical Records Retrieval is an important function for Insurance companies, Law firm and Healthcare Providers for certain services. Thus, quicker retrieval of records directly impacts underwriting, claim settlements, pursuit of justice, continuity of Care, etc.

AM Infoweb works in partnership to support organizations providing Record Retrieval services. Thus, we work to reduce the stress of facing challenges in accomplishing the retrieval task. Our impeccable services will reduce your costs and time involved in delivering results to your clients and maintaining human resources. Our processes are technology-automated, so we provide accurate and timely deliverables cost-effectively.

What makes AM Infoweb the ideal choice?

Companies which offer record retrieval services to insurance companies and attorneys have realized the importance of third-party outsourcing companies as the in-house scaling is challenging given the current workforce situation and also costs more. AM Infoweb believes that, delegating specified volumes to an expert will avoid unnecessary pressures and unknown abrasions.

Retrieval expertise

At AM Infoweb the process of retrieving the medical records of patients is systematic and technology driven. Our expert professionals with flawless accent handle any retrieval volume to derive exact results. Our team is equipped with years of experience in the field of retrieving medical records. This experience comes with deep knowledge that widens the prospects of solving critical issues in the process as well. Our processes involve careful retrieval, indexing, and collation of the data. In addition to this our teams research particular projects and come up with related algorithms to increase efficiency.

Continuous training

We conduct rigorous employee training to expose them to the new industry standards, trends, and technological advancements. The training programs focus on imparting knowledge related to the usability of systems and considerable practical methods as well. We also invite and partner with industry leaders to conduct these training programs, so the professionals can come across certain ideas, theories and applications that are new to them.

Security and confidentiality of Protected Health Information

We handle each aspect of retrieval with great precision. As we primarily focus on specialized services of retrieving medical records, our work environment speaks of our dedication to this field. With SOC 2 Type II Certification, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certification and HIPAA compliance, we maintain the highest degree of PHI confidentiality and security.

Along with technological security measures, using effective communication of the importance of PHI confidentiality across our workspace, we impart the same ideas about information safety to each professional and across all the departments involved in a project. Hence, our services are secure, accurate, and free of errors and delivered as per the clients’ requirements within the set deadline.

Remarkable value due to 10+ years of Domain Expertise

We value every client and so we believe in adhering to his or her specific requirements. As a result, we consider timely delivery or turnaround time as a priority. So irrespective of the volume and complexity of the project, we commit to a faster delivery knowing that our quality and efficiency of work is superior. We follow all the processes that involve guaranteeing impeccable solutions. Our methodologies are very precise having all the support of high-end technology paired with an exceptional team.

Our services primarily aim to fulfill all the requirements of our clients who serve insurance companies, law firms and healthcare facilities, within the set deadlines. Our services involve a detailed study on the project background to create an insightful positive impact. This results in providing better quality of services that focuses on minimizing the operational costs of the clients.

We believe in ethical business practices and hence strictly maintain transparency in every procedure. We give our clients, the authority to remain updated with all the progress we make and expect their feedback in this. Thus, our processes are appealing to our clients. In addition to this, we acknowledge every data security and compliance aspect and ensure confidentiality of the information, to keep the retrieval secure.

AM Infoweb provides industry-leading services for record retrieval companies and our ultra-modern workspace deploys high-end technology. Our skilled professionals have expertise in record retrieval due to which we can guarantee services of top-notch quality. Our employees (Record Coordinators) are trained rigorously on the industry standards and government regulations. We use integrated services that implies the use of superior technology assuring timely delivery.

So, collaborate with AM Infoweb today and witness your business transform through world-class medical record retrieval services.